Core Fitness Studio


So, if money isn’t the issue, why haven’t you achieved your fitness goals?

  • You’ve held memberships in the best gyms.
  • You’ve taken the best supplements.
  • You’ve bought all the magazines.

The truth is, you can buy all the trappings and neglect to get the best trainer and still look the same as you did last year.

Why throw more money away on dreams… when you’re just an email away from results?
Now you can train with Coach… the Trainer of Champions!
Complete Comprehensive Training Package Is Now Available:

  • Gym Membership
  • Food Service
  • Supplements
  • 3 Private Training Sessions per week
  • only $1499 per month

Also, if you desire to become a personal trainer, Coach is now offering his
Personal Trainer Certification Program!

  • Intensive program of study, gets you ready in just a couple of days!
  • International Fitness Association Certification
  • Good in 80 Countries
  • just $299!

Please contact Coach for more details — 828-446-6681

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Hello Coach,
I want to say Thank You for all that you’ve done for us. The transformation that I am seeing in Ian is amazing.
Your belief in him, and his trust in you has been a true blessing. For his attitude, stamina and energy,
I give you gratitude. I am loving the work outs, it gets more challenging each day we go.
Thank you again for all that you do.